Tomb of shah quli khan, Narnaul, haryana


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Built by Shah Quli khan in 1574 in the memory of his father, Tomb of Shah Quli khan is one of lesser known heritage of haryana. The tomb which has been cited as an excellent example of mugal architectural style was built in era of Akbar the great. Shah Quli served as the mugal governor of Narnaul in 16th century.

Narnaul city is located in Southern part of Haryana and that Southern part’s history has always been golden. On each and every step, there are many historical monuments but it is much remorsing that we people don’t take any interest in that.

Tomb of shah quli khan, narnaul, haryana
Tomb of shah Quli khan

Historical place to visit in narnaul

Lat week Me and my brother went to narnaul to explore the unbeknownst places of narnaul. This is the second blog of that trip, Read the first blog below.

Chor Gumbad : An ignorant tomb in Narnaul

Before going to tell you more about the tomb, I would like to share something about Shah Quli khan.

So who was Shah quli khan ?

Shah quli was a governor of Narnaul from 1570 to 1594 and before that he was just a solider in Mughal army . He had given many historical entities, But in the second battle of Panipat when Shah quli defeated the commander of sur army then Akbar greets a lot of money to him and made him the governor of Narnaul.

Panipat battle had changed the destiny of Shah as well as Akbar. In this battle, last Hindu emperor Hemu certainly defeated and along Delhi ,Narnaul as well as region near by it docile under Mughal dynasty.

Golden era of narnaul started In 1570 when Shah quli khan become the governor . First, he made this Tomb in the memory of his father and Shah along with his brothers were also buried there. Shah Quli had also build Tripolia gate, Jal Mahal and many more aesthetic historical heritage.

My visit to Tomb of Shah quli khan

Historical places of narnaul

First time I had asked about this Tomb to some boys who were playing cards in the park of Jal Mahal. In today’s era the heritage of Narnaul has become the favorite place of those students who bunk their classes. They just come here with the motive of playing cards and for intoxication.

I asked their in one of group that if there are more historical monuments nearby. Fortunately, I found a history student and he told me about Shah quli khan’s tomb in detail. 1 km away from the Jal Mahal, this tomb is made in the middle of fields. Building is surrounded by mustard farming.

After crossing the field which was bounded by strings to prevent it from the animals, we reached near the tomb.

Graves, narnaul mjaar
Graves in the tomb, Difficult to identify which one is of Shah quli khan

In the tomb,along with grave of Shah quli khan there are graves of his brothers. It seems that someone come everyday here and do dua ( pray ) because when we entered inside then some incense sticks were burning.

Tomb was comprehensively build with the Mughal architecture and it’s lucky that until now it yet it had not been broken .

After drinking cold drink, we walk towards the tripolia gate and we didn’t get more information About tomb. Big entry gate, covered by bushes one time this shattered gate was the entry gate of shah quli’s tomb and this is called as the Tripolia gate.

lost heritage of haryana
Ruined Tripolia gate

Under the half ruined Tripolia gate people bind their livestock and local gents drunk alcohol in evening because many bottles of wine were spreaded their. I can say that it is on the verge of extinction if this continues this is a shameful matter that our heritage is missing.

After spending an hour at Shah Ali tomb, we went towards Ibrahim sur’s tomb who was grandfather of Sher shah suri. So Now just tell me when such famous personalities were born in Narnaul then why people don’t gave importance to their heritage ?

Why do tourist ignore Narnaul ?

One big reason is that Narnaul and Mahendergarh are far away from highways, most of the tourist go to Delhi and Rajasthan through highway. Some historical places like Alwar, Jhunjunu, Sekhawati are near Narnaul where the tourist come from Delhi and beside coming towards the narrow roads, they just go straight away

Good thing is that government has taken a major step to enhance tourism. They are repairing and maintaining the historical monuments and the way. So it’s also our responsibility that we must join hand with government and work accordingly to enhance tourism in Haryana.

How to reach tomb of shah quli khan

Tomb is 1 km away from jalmahal near Purani mandi. A local transport are not available but you can convince an auto-driver after giving high price to them. We went in our own vehicle, so we found the place easily.

Tomb is free of cost and neither closing nor opening time is there. Here is a map for your reffrence

In last I want to say that if you belongs to narnaul or its nearby you must visit there so that our historical monuments can be save.

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