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Pre wedding Photo shoot blog: Oozes romantic vibes

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Pre-wedding shoots have become increasingly popular these days. Mohit and Ritu decided Alwar , Rajasthan as the buttress of their pre-wedding photo shoot .So, we get up early in the morning with best outfits. I had not used DSLR before this shoot. I was a little bit awkward at holding the DSLR.

That moment was clumsy for me but by the help of YouTube I rationale the settings and the techniques of using the camera. And finally I ascertained.

pre wedding photo shoot blog, alwar, prewedding
Ritu and mohit choose this refreshing chromatic color for their outfit.

About the pre wedding photo shoot location ( Alwar )

moosi rani ki chhatri, tourist places in alwar
Moosi rani cenotaph

Alwar comes in the every individual mind while coming towards Jaipur .Obviously it is historical place. Somewhat there are many captative locations like Moosi Maharani ki Chatri and Bala Quila where I had done their pre wedding photo shoot.

Innovatory romantic shot begins

We went to the Moosi Maharani ki chatri. It is really a innovative and cultural monument. Combined with sandstone and white marbles, it’s beautiful coloration gives a fascinating background.

pre wedding photo story, alwar, pre wedding,
This breezy sensational touch gives a warmth to them.
Educes romance in all its tone.
alwar, pre wedding, blog, alwar, ncr
some sensational and mesmerizing memories

First, we were trying to create a better passionately con-texture for the shot and that automatically created after 4 to 5 pictures .That peaceful environment was continuously producing positive energy and that moment provoked me. Then I became more passionate about the shot.

The couple chemistry was filled with platinum love and surprisingly seems that the poses come naturally to them .They had been so comfortable with each other that it was hard to believe that it was a arrange marriage

Then next we, arrived to Bala quila. Today this fort has been somewhat ruined but as they have decided something desperate so they choose it. An amazing view of the city we can see from here.

pre wedding photo shoot blog, pre wedding photo shoot location near ncr
Actually they are seeing the beautiful city view from the top. This is called the perfect coordination.
pre wedding alwar, alwar, haryana
it seems that the couple poses come natural to them.

About the couple

Ritu is studying while Mohit is working in IT company in Gurgoan, Haryana. I remembered that after his engagement Mohit was saying to me that I have to click his pre wedding photographs. So I thought that it must be a good idea to give them their pre wedding photo shoot as their wedding gift from my side. Though, they liked that the most.

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If you also want your pre wedding shoot done then contact me. It is totally free of cost. It will be very great moment for me that I am capturing the most beautiful moments of their life.

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4 thoughts on “Pre wedding Photo shoot blog: Oozes romantic vibes

    Usha yadav

    (April 11, 2019 - 12:25 pm)

    this is called the unconditional love ,gift that you are capturing these beautiful memories free of cost..

      rao ankit

      (April 11, 2019 - 12:41 pm)

      coz photography is my hobby not profession


    (April 11, 2019 - 4:28 pm)

    Such a thoughtful gift!

      rao ankit

      (April 12, 2019 - 7:05 pm)

      That’s my pleasure , thanks mridula

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