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This year gave me some cherisable memories, immense joy and the most important thing is personal satisfaction. Whatever be the situation, I never took anything seriously but continuously putted my efforts in the hope that efforts never goes off .

Before going to start My year 2018 blog, I wish you all a Happy New Year!!  I had never thought that one day I will share my travel voyage with you people but by the opinion of my friend, I am sharing my travel journey.

My year 2018

travel ankit yadav, my year 2018
on walls of khari baoli

While sitting on the wall of khari baoli I was thinking that it’s going to be one year of my solo travelling. Last year on this day, I took my first step towards completing my goal. I started my voyage from Bikaner with a simple mobile phone, a car and a little bit amount of money .

I was not having any experience so I was a little bit afraid too. Continuously a question arises in my mind that could I walk alone or not ? I was in a dilemma that how to start and where to start but then I stood silence, watched around,then I just closed my eyes and listen what my heart says then I determined that I would complete my aim at any cost before dying . Then with full energy and refreshing mind I luculented to explore first my maternal home i.e Bikaner.

It was new year so we decided to enjoy the new year party. Earlier even I was not able to speak in front of the organizer so my friends who were locals of bikaner asked the manager about the party that how much it will cost . We realized that all things were at a high cost so we decided to enjoy the party on sand dunes. There is a vast desert in bikaner that anyone can organize any party or function there. From that party, I learnt that how to manage self event .

my year 2018, one year of solo traveling
And i found this vintage rotary phone in jaipur
ajmer dargah, ankit yadav
aashik ae khwaja ( ajmer )

Then soon next month I was leaving for new destination i.e  Jaipur because that is near my maternal house .Though this voyage was a little bit difficult for me as I was comprehensively alone neither friends nor my brothers were with me. I completely devotes my Jaipur journey to Google  because by the help of this I searched new places to visit and way to reach there.

I was a little bit hesitant to talk  even with the local people but as the time passes my hesitation goes away and today I am standing on the podium where I could to speak to anyone and even I have guts that I could travel alone across the world without anyone support.

By  the word “support “I want to tell you that in my family members all are busy in their interested and luxurious jobs and earning a lot of money but since childhood I decided to do something different. Without chasing money I share my travel experience on google and the money which I get from these short writing I used them for my next travel trip and that’s  why no one supports me but I usually don’t care that what they think about me.

My rules are once decided always decided that before dying I just want to explore and wander around the whole world . In Feb and March I explored some remote areas of rajasthan i.e bundi, Kota Jhalawar. Mostly tourists don’t come here because first these are remote areas and second that in India there are many popular and large places where the tourists often go.

Don’t know why people ignore bundi fort
garadia mahadev, kota, rao ankit
most aesthetic place of kota ( garadia mahadev )

Then afterwards my harsh journey continues. In Gwalior I stayed at someone house. Their I eat meat but before this I had hardly eaten meat and then I realized that we should be prepared for any harsh situations in life. I was preparing myself for the toughest situations that in future how to manage ourselves when we have don’t have our favorite thing to eat then we should eat whatever we get.

Just think of the people who hardly gets two time meal in a day.  My next journey was a little bit cherishing. I next visited to Lucknow – The city of nawabs. Their I don’t traveled with my car, I went in the train. My cab driver told me a romantic story of his madam.

I still don’t know why my heart skips a bit when I talk of deserted, the golden city Jaisalmer.

jaisalmer, beer in jaisalmer, best place to drink in jaisalmer
beer on the top of jaisalmer with fort view
salam singh ki havelil jaisalmerl ankit yadav
was salam singh really a atrocious man ? ( jaisalmer )

This year I traveled jaisalmer twice and still I want to visit there again. That city attracts me, usually I just know why I like Jaisalmer the most. There my two dreams had completed . I drink bear on the top of jaisalmer and the second one is eating red meat on Sam sand dunes. This journey was the most luxurious I  ever had and I spend all the money their.

That’s why I decided to travel next by stepping out of my comfort zone .I have never visited in hilly areas so I thought that before the end of this year I will go to any hill stations. Then I pack my bags for Shimla. It had a keen wish to ate ice-cream at high top and I just completed that .

icecream in shimla, ice cream at mall road shimla, my year 2018
ice cream at 10500 feet ( shimla )
almora, nainital

I have learnt a lot of things in this year that without struggle there is nothing. I would like to conclude my journey in just 3 lines _

The sunset that I witnessed,

The road that I choosed,

The experience that I share,

now i think that my year 2018 blog is getting too long so i am just dropping my hands. right now i am in bikaner for new year celebration , happy new year once again.


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few months ago in 2017 I decided I'd rather make no money and do what I love rather than make alot of money and hate my job. now i think choosing traveling is Best decision of my life



    (January 2, 2019 - 1:18 am)

    You journey is so inspiring!! I hope all people listen to their heart then surely one will get success. Your pics are just flabbergasted!!!! 😍😍

      rao ankit

      (January 2, 2019 - 11:58 am)

      Thanks Usha , yes listen to your heart and do whatever you want to do.

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