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Chor Gumbad: An Ignorant Tomb in Narnaul

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Chor Gumbad commonly known as signboard of the Narnaul town was built in 1353 by Afghan noble Jamaal Khan as his tomb, but at present there is no grave inside the tomb.
Tomb is so ancient and big in size but if we talk about the heritage of Narnaul  then it is only Chor Gumbad which is in much better condition than others .In comparison to this others are comprehensively wobbly.
chor gumbad, narnaul
There is an interesting tale about the Chor Gumbad that is when  Afghan went from Narnaul then this tomb was a perch for muggers because at that time this place was colossal forest.The muggers had mislaid that tomb in such a way that even fluctuating time ill -fated in that case.
At present, government has made a park around this Gumbad in which more than tourists, you will saw college students bunking from the class.

My visit to Chor Gumbad

I belongs to Haryana . When I read in newspaper that there are certain historical places in Narnaul, a small city in Haryana are dematerializing. And the reason is that traveler doesn’t go there ,due to which funds are not accumulated for their maintenance .

Just after reading the newspaper, I decided to visit Narnaul next day. Next morning when people are preparing for  their Diwali festival ,on the other hand me and my brother went to Narnaul.

Weather was a little bit clammy and foggy, Somehow after crossing the narrow street of Narnaul we reached Chor Gumbad  early morning.

Indo islamic monument haryana
Indo Islamic architecture

I was amazed and influenced by the architecture style of the tomb . Before this I had seen Mugals and Awadhi architect monuments but this time I got a chance to see the Afgani architect style. First time I have ever saw and that was  an eye – opening savvy.

A berief history

If we talk about the history of Chor Gumbad , no one knows when it was built. Some says that during the governance of Firoz shah tuglaq , A afghani noble Jamaal khan built this tomb. Jamaal khan was a rich patroon during the time of Firoz shah tuglaq . He had made this tomb for his grave before his death. But there is no grave , probably he was not buried here.
Nranaul heriatge, Things to do in narnaul
view from closed entrance gate
Let’s discuss about why the tomb named as a “Chor Gumbad “ . Literally when I discuss about any historical statics then first I properly read, search and consult with  the people about that.
I have read about it’s naming in many articles and newspapers.
And only the same thing come in front that when tuglaq dynasty was defeated by Sayyid dynasty then Afghan and other people had to go from that place,  And this monument remain desolated.Then robbers occupied that place for the sake of robbery and their rest.
They tried to ruin that building and the proof  was marks made by robbers on the wall. Now the Archaeological survey of India has taken the responsibility to keep this safe. Probably this may save it from being wobbly.

 Architecture of Chor Gumbad

architecture of Chor gumbad

Chor Gumbad  is a well planned big monument in square shape having single chamber with four minrates at each corner. It gives an appearance of a double storied structure from the outside due to an open veranda running around it . Architecturally low dome and ogee arches show that it must have been constructed during the reign of of firoz shah tuglaq .

Firoz shah was 3rd sultan from tuglaq dynasty.  The Sultans of tuglaq dynasty Especially Firoz Shah tuglaq, patronized many construction projects and are credited with the development of mix Indo afgani ( Indo-Islamic ) architecture. Chor Gumbad was also a great example of Indo-Islamic architect.

How to reach

Chor Gumbad  is situated in the region of Motinagar in Narnaul Town, Now it is known as Netaji Subhash park. If you don’t have your own vehicle then you can go in auto from bus stand and railway station. Ola and uber services are not available in Narnaul.
here is map for reference

If you belongs to Narnaul or it’s nearby place then you must visit there so that our historical monuments can be save. If we combinely take a step towards this , then surely one day Haryana tourism will be ahead.

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