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Toorji ka jhalra ( toorji’s step well ) was Built by Rani tawar ji, consort of King abhya singh of jodhpur in 1740. Which is considered as hidden gem in jodhpur nowadays. Tanwar ji belongs to pawta which is in Gujarat, There are more than 100 step wells in pawta from which she get inspired and built this step well in Jodhpur .

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Toorji ka jhalra

less known place in jodhpur

My visit to Toorji ka jhalra

I traveled jodhpur two times but never I get know about this step well ( Toorji ka jhalra ). This time we directly went to Jaisalmer because we had seen The mehrangarh fort, Ummed Bhawan earlier. When I was in jaisalmer then my friend called me and said that she have finded a historical place where the tourists rarely visit.

So, I was much excited to visit that place. So I planned that while returning from jaisalmer I will surely visit that place. Then I stayed in jodhpur and asked the address of TOOR JI KA JHALRA from Pritika dhanawat . Then in early morning we planned to visit their. While crossing the  narrow streets ,we started our journey.

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way to toor ji ka jhalra

I parked my car at parking which was near Janta sweets and ghanta ghar. From their we purchased mirchi bda and kachori that are very famous in jodhpur, I throw out chilli from the mirchi bda because I don’t like it. After eating bda and kachori, we started searching the Toor ji ka jhalra, i asked many people about this step well but I was shocked that even the locals don’t know that where is this step well.

Actually the real Jodhpur exists in these narrow streets, On every single step you will see different chromatic colors of jodhpur. We want to do shopping but as usual I thought that like Delhi shopkeepers, they will also maraud us but my thinking was totally wrong.

Even after asking a lot of people about this step well we were dissapointed so finally we decided to follow the google map, after crossing many narrow streets we reached there. Finally we were standing in front of Toorji ka jhalra which is a good example of Rajputana architecture.

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Since a long time Toor ji ka jhalra was dustbin for locals. By the efforts of an organisation and the royal family step well was cleaned and protected from all around so that no one can devastate our heritage again. It has always been a tradition of Royal family to make step wells for the ordinary women so that their needs can be fulfilled.

I do not found much information about Toor ji ka jhalra, In today’s time this place is becoming popular among local people and tourists. Tourist came here for the purpose of photography, If you come in jodhpur then from the clock tower enter in these narrow streets and soon you will find this jhalra ( step well ).

How to reach

One of The best way to reach Toor ji ka jhalra would be an auto rickshaw, the city also has cab service so its pretty easy to take those as well. But if you want to see the lifestyle of locals then the another best option is by foot.

here is a map for reference

Special thanks to my friend pritika dhanawat

Pritika I will always remember your homemade food which we ate on the staircase of Blue city mall . After Tundey kabab of Lucknow and Red meat of jaisalmer , the food which I will never forget  is that home made Jodhpur food .

here is more information about Toor ji ka jhalra 

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