Jal Mahal Narnaul, Story behind Jal Mahal, history of narnaul

Jal Mahal Narnaul: A concealed place in Haryana

 Jal Mahal of narnaul also known as khan sarovar was constructed by Shah Quli khan in 1591, When he caught Hemu then Akbar delighted and gave precinct of Narnaul to him . Jal Mahal  has been constructed in an area of 11 acres. It was completely surrounded by a pond but a bridge was also […]

chor gumbad, narnaul heritage tour

Chor Gumbad: An Ignorant Tomb in Narnaul

Chor Gumbad commonly known as signboard of the Narnaul town was built in 1353 by Afghan noble Jamaal Khan as his tomb, but at present there is no grave inside the tomb. Tomb is so ancient and big in size but if we talk about the heritage of Narnaul  then it is only Chor Gumbad […]