Ranila Jain Temple

The Story Behind Ranila Jain Temple In Haryana

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In haryana there are so many miraculous temples which are very famous among local folks. People come in these temples from every corner of India on every auspicious occasions and One such temple is near my village. i.e Ranila Jain Temple.

Situated at a distance of 25 km from charkhi dadri district in haryana this Jain temple is devoted to the first teerthankar Adinatha and goddess chakreshwari devi.

Ranila village, Jain, temple, haryana

Jain temple of Ranila is very popular and larger among all its nearby Jain temple in today’s time. The village is completely of jaat society some what other caste are also there but rarely you will see Jain’s there. Then the question arises that even though, without being of Jain’s, how the Jain temple established ?

And such questions are often asked by people to us because we are of neighbour village. Actually, the story of Ranila Jain temple is associated with a farmer of jaat community which I will discuss later on after sharing these aesthetic pics of the temple .

Ranila Jain temple haryana, history of Ranila village
Magnificent entry gate
shri 1008 bhagwan adinath, digambar jain
Inside Jain temple Ranila

The Story Behind Ranila Jain Temple

Sun was upon the head and the heat was intense. As such, October month marks the beginning of winters but till now there was no sign of cold. Around 2 in the noon, in scorching heat Ranjeet malik was working hard in his field. He was digging a sand dune suddenly his hoe struck against a stone. Despite being tired a curious Ranjeet now started hitting his hoe around that stone while muttering something under his breathe.

Then he stopped and remove the sand around the stone with his hand. When he excavated then two statues come out. Ranjeet was not so knowledgeable that he could understand whose idol is. He put those idol and coherence in his work. Next day when he arrived at his field he found that the saline water of his well is sweet and fresh today. Earlier all villagers curse Ranjeet to fill up that well with sand because of its saline water.

Ranjeet asked some people to taste that water then all were shocked. All were speculating about the well. They were speculating that what really would be happened that the well which have saline water starts producing sweet fresh water. Villagers were fictionalizing that might be any saint came here and from his blessing water become fresh. After listening to villagers, Ranjeet recalled that he found two statues on that day . Might be this miracle happened due to those sculpt.

He immediately left all his work he ran towards the sculpt and he told the whole story to the sensible man of the village that how he got these statues. After seeing those sculpt, that man told him that these idols are of Jain religion . One idol is of Lord Adinatha and the other one is of Mata chakreshwari devi.

This deed spreaded like fire and after hearing this matter people of Jain society reached ranila. After inspecting those idols it was discovered that those idols were 1500 years old. Jain society decided to make temple at that place where the sculpt founded.

Ranjeet also allowed them and give permission without any hesitation. Years after this incidence, temple work started and now a grand temple is standing there where the Jain community people come. People also come from nearby places in hope of fulfilling their wishes. It says that the venerable demands are fulfilled here.

We have gone to this temple many times since childhood. It is 2 km away from my village so I had seen the transformation of a small temple into a grand temple.

Robin deepika, Deepika ro
My brother who helped me in finding the story behind this Ranila Jain temple

How to reach Ranila

Ranila village is connected through road route to nearby towns and villages. If you don’t take your own vehicle then you also come in public transport. Auto and bus runs continuously from the neighboring village Achina and sanjrawas.

Distance from Charkhi dadri – 25 km,

map for reference

Where to stay

Ranila Jain Temple also has a hospice ( Dharamshala ) and eatery. You can stay here by giving some donations. There is no other option to stay apart.

for more details about Ranila Jain Temple click here

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