Jal Mahal Narnaul, Story behind Jal Mahal, history of narnaul

Jal Mahal Narnaul: A concealed place in Haryana

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 Jal Mahal of narnaul also known as khan sarovar was constructed by Shah Quli khan in 1591, When he caught Hemu then Akbar delighted and gave precinct of Narnaul to him . Jal Mahal  has been constructed in an area of 11 acres. It was completely surrounded by a pond but a bridge was also there to cross the pond. Then the pond was completely filled with soil within the time lapse of 400 years but then government removed that soil and now the soil has been completely removed.
Jal Mahal looks more beautiful when their is water in the pond and during summer it become dry. So, it looks dull without water.
Jal Mahal Narnaul, things to do in narnaul, haryana tourism places
Jal Mahal aka Khan sarovar

My Visit To Jal Mahal Narnaul

as per rule permission was not granted to go inside the Jal Mahal Narnaul so we went to see another pond , that is also a part of Jal Mahal and its a few meters away from there. Was much excited to visited here, especially rejoices a lot after seeing the brisk weather, vagrant clouds and splashing colors. I was just stop to take breath, looked at this ravishing view. I just closed my eyes ,listen to the chirping sounds of birds , A lush green and blue environment by cumulus clouds, their you will see your soul staring at you.
Things to do in narnaul, haryana tourist places
Another pond near Jal Mahal Narnaul
Whosoever visit there must stay silence and observe the persistence. You will find love and hope there in every corner of this place even in the stones. I sat on the bank of  sarovar just to find piece of mind .I was comprehensively lost in the lap of nature while looking at scattering colors of sky and the sun that is full of artistic knowledge. Conceited and stubborn ,all  the long day  I sitted there.
I saw many flowers glittering, It was a affable day and I could  hear euphonious whistle. So I just raise my head to thanks the universe for making such a gloaming environment. When you observe nature around you with a scientific frame of mind then certainly you will come with many interesting questions that why are nature is so beautiful and who discover it.
White flowers
The night blooming white flowers have it’s own reason because white colors seems to be attractive in night. I  spent  whole day there and also ate delicious food near Jal Mahal at a local dhaba . That day experience I will never forget that. Eating while staring is a great pleasurable moment for me. Suddenly the weather took us  by a surprise.
Weather become so cold, wind start blooming. I was shivering because on that I had wore just a T -shirt. If you get a chance to visit there in winters , not only there but anywhere near pond, river so you must not take risk of not wearing warm clothes. But I will suggest you to visit Jal Mahal between November and January month because y in those months you can see water in the pond . I am a traveler so I doesn’t care about the temperature, weather when I have decided to travel .
Tourist place in narnaul, mahendergarh tourism
Narnaul city
Haryana photography, Sunset in haryana
Way to home ( sunset )

How to reach Jal Mahal Narnaul

Jal Mahal is 5 km away from bus stand of Narnaul so  you can easily come here without any obstacles. Railway Station is 3.5 km away from  the Jal Mahal  so people coming from far away will not have to face any problem.
 If you want to stay then there are few hotels in narnaul city which is 1-3 km from Jal Mahal.
Address – Purani Mandi village, Narnaul ( District – mahendargarh ) Haryana.
Here is a map for reference

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