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Last month with my friend I visited to Chambal garden of Kota, my friend told me that the garden is very pleasing and beautiful so, I decided to saw that on my last day in kota. before starting this blog i want to say something about kota.
Kota a city, combination of all state in india,
A city which taught us to be independent in an early age,
A city, present a whole world in front of people by its beautiful seven wonders
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An evening of chambal and you , only these two things are beautiful in this city

My visit to chambal garden

01 December 2018, Its my last day in kota so i packed everything in noon and after that i started planning where to spend last evening because i want to see the beauty of chambal river. My friend told me that if you want to see beauty of chambal river than there are only two best places in kota city, first is garadiya mahadev and second in chambal garden.

I have already visited garadiya mahadev twice before so i choose chambal garden to spend last evening in kota. We reached the Chambal garden in evening, Before entering you have to take a ticket, I took two ticket of 10 rupees each. Outside the chambal garden their were small children games and some were selling balloons .

They were so charismatic and I want to purchase that but I thought these are for small kids so I didn’t. As we entered inside, then first thing we saw there was chambal river .We start moving towards the river, It is so beautiful.

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flowers inside chambal garden

On the other side of the bank of river, there is thermal power plant. That was comprehensively a scenic beauty, Then I clicked some photos of flowers. As we both like the sunset views so we were waiting for sunset so that we can capture that. Until sunset occur we decided to take photos of that chambal river and the industry. Then suddenly I saw that the blissful of which we both were waiting came.

So, finally I took sunset views pics. There were a lot of aesthetic flowers ,then we start capturing that. my friend was also clicking photos. He also performed well but I know him. Sure,he did mistakes while capturing as he always remains in hurry but after some time he also start capturing well. Then he saw me some of his photos and literally that were too good, then I realized that what he experienced and learnt in a short span of time was more than what people do in their entire lifetime.

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toy train inside

Their was a toy train train also on which small kids were riding. While walking towards the toy train I saw a girl who fell down, then I was going to help her but on the time her mother came and helped her. Their is a small Canteen inside chambal garden and after seeing the delicious dishes we felt hungry . So first we decided to eat something. Then I ordered two Cheese Maggie and cold drink for me and my friend.

I finished it as fast as I can but my friend doesn’t like the Maggie, he just enjoyed with his coke. I was a little bit more hungry and tired too . Suddenly I heard music sound there then I realized that the old songs of 90’s were being played . Whenever you will come Chambal garden, you will be able to hear these old songs in the evening. I will recommend you to enjoy these songs while eating then it would surely a memorable and blissful day for you.

Besides the chambal garden there is a Dargah and in evening you can easily hear their prayer sound. I was getting too late . Then after dropping my friend, I turned towards the highway but suddenly I realized that it gets too late. I must not drive in night because it took approximately 9 hours to reach my home . So I decided to stay in Kota that night and then in morning I went to my home.

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How to reach kota

majestic city kota located 250 km from pink city or capital of rajasthan jaipur, that’s why kota is connected to all major cities by train and road. Has an excellent network of roadways which makes the journey enjoyable.

There are many buses from all cities of rajasthan have regular to and fro services to kota. kota is an important junction of rajasthan, its come under the Mumbai delhi route and all trains coming from different part of india have scheduled halt at kota.

Trains to kota junction

Other information

Chambal garden kota timing – 10 am to 7 pm

Entry fees- Rs 10 INR

Address- Shakti nagar, dadabari ( kota ) 324009

boating charges- Rs 50 INR

here is map

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