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hi , my name is Ankit, I grew up in a middle class family in charkhi dadri ( a small town in haryana ) and From 2014 to 2017 I had a conventional job of 8 hours and hardly I had given personal preference to travelling but till 2017 I travelled only some of the places. Finally the time came when I ascertained that I fritter away the time at my job. I self interested in travelling so I quiet my job. And in Dec 2017 I stuffed and started my first monumenatry trip of bikaner. And from that day, I often travel

why travel blog ?

Not with the hope of like, comments but I want something desperate in my life so I decided to delve
-for all the world
-in the world
And out of this world.
During my exploration journey, this clicked in my mind that only travelling is not so effectual but travelling with writing befit me. I know this is not a lucrative career but it has been very fulfilling for me. I hope that my photos, guide can tell you the story and this will help me to bolster my confidence.

contact- travelsofankit@gmail.com

mai yayavar, hindi travel blog
Garadiya Mahadev ( Kota )


rao ankit, ankit yadav
Almora hills, uttrakhand


rao ankit, ankit yadav
Jodhpur / jaisalmer bypass