Ranila Jain Temple

The Story Behind Ranila Jain Temple In Haryana

In haryana there are so many miraculous temples which are very famous among local folks. People come in these temples from every corner of India on every auspicious occasions and One such temple is near my village. i.e Ranila Jain Temple. Situated at a distance of 25 km from charkhi dadri district in haryana this […]

Tomb of shah quli khan, Narnaul, haryana


Built by Shah Quli khan in 1574 in the memory of his father, Tomb of Shah Quli khan is one of lesser known heritage of haryana. The tomb which has been cited as an excellent example of mugal architectural style was built in era of Akbar the great. Shah Quli served as the mugal governor […]

chor gumbad, narnaul heritage tour

Chor Gumbad: An Ignorant Tomb in Narnaul

Chor Gumbad commonly known as signboard of the Narnaul town was built in 1353 by Afghan noble Jamaal Khan as his tomb, but at present there is no grave inside the tomb. Tomb is so ancient and big in size but if we talk about the heritage of Narnaul  then it is only Chor Gumbad […]

Hotel Desert Moon Jaisalmer: Review

On the occasion of Diwali, sitting on the bank of canal,First time I am writing about any hotel. Commonly I used to scribble about the places where I visit and the history related to that. Desert moon hotel is budget friendly. All people can afford it, facilities provided by Desert moon are at much higher […]

सालम सिंह की हवेली

एक निर्दयी दीवान सालम सिंह की हवेली, जैसलमेर

सालम सिंह की हवेली जैसलमेर किले से कुछ कदम दूर अमर सागर पोल के पास स्तिथ है, पीले पत्थर से बनी इस हवेली का निर्माण जैसलमेर के एक दीवान सालम सिंह ने 1815 अपने रहने के लिए करवाया था| आज के दिन में सालम सिंह की ये हवेली एक म्यूजियम है और जैसलमेर के प्रमुख […]


STORY OF KULDHARA VILLAGE – जैसलमेर का भूतिया गाँव

क्या आपने कभी डायन देखी है ? अगर देखनी है .. तो चले जाओ कुलधरा गाँव  ( Kuldhara village ) में . यही कोई एक या दो घंटे लगेंगे पुरे कुलधरा गाँव को घूमने में सुनसान गलियों से होकर खंडहर घरो के सामने से निकलकर डायन को खोज सकते है अगर आपकी किस्मत खराब हुई तो […]